District 17 / 32 City - County Tournament


On this page you may download the City - County Bracket for 2008.  This bracket is an Adobe PDF file, viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don't have the free Acrobat reader, click here.  Results from this District tournament will be posted throughout the tournament, and the bracket will be updated to reflect the results.  Check the date the bracket was updated to find out when it was last uploaded.  Thanks!

2008 Bracket

Click Here For The 2008 Bracket (Final Completed Bracket As Of 10/27/2008)


2008 Results

Games Played August 7, 2008
Dunmore 9 vs. Tri County 8
North Scranton 9 vs. Green Ridge 6

Games Played August 9, 2008
Carbino 10 vs. Dunmore 0

Games Played August 10, 2008
Moosic 1 vs. South Scranton 0

These are the only scores that were reported to me.  If you have other scores, please email them to me and I will update this page.